Date of last revision: 5/14/1993

Short Starbase Tutorial

Short guideline for generally setting up Starbase and for running the HP Starbase demo programs under X11 Windows. For any further assistance either type helpme or read the README file under /usr/lib/starbase/demos.

General Starbase Setup

  1. Select an HP-APOLLO 700 workstation (Even numbered machines -- see "helpme hardware"), and login.
  2. Add the following lines to your .profile file by typing:

    $ vi .profile (call the vi editor)

    Go to the end of the file ('G') and open a new line ('o'). After finishing press ESC and then exit (:x).

    (lines to add):


  3. Execute the .profile file by typing:

    $ . ./.profile (type ALL the periods and spaces)

Running the HP Starbase Demos

Be sure that you have completed the first 3 steps above before attempting to run the demos.
  1. Make two directories for running the demos (IN YOUR HOME DIRECTORY):

    $ mkdir -p demos $ cd demos

  2. Create links to the demo source code:

    $ for file in SBUTILS DATA boxes.c example.c liberty.c logo.c makefile shuttle.c xwing.c (ALL ON ONE LINE)
    > do
    > ln -s /usr/lib/starbase/demos/$file .
    > done

  3. Build the demo executables:

    $ make example boxes xwing liberty logo shuttle

  4. Create the display window to use. Note that the title should be the same as the name of the output device (SB_OUTDEV) specified in the .profile file:

    xwcreate -geometry 600x600 -title w128 (600x600 is window size)

  5. Run the demo. Each demo is executed just by typing its name. Note that only step 3 through 5 needs to be executed in future sessions.

    $ xwing

    (you might have to type ./xwing if . is not in your path)

Click here to go to 'helpme starbase'

Click here to go to the Helpme menu.