Santa Clara University Engineering Design Center Problems/Comments Form

We at the Engineering Design Center are committed to serving the needs
of the Engineering Community at Santa Clara University. You can use
this form to communicate your concerns to us so that we can better
serve them. You may either a) print out this form, fill it in and
place it in the 'in' slot of the Design Center Managers Office rm 619
(or) b) mail your concerns to 'root' on the HP system answering the
questions below.

What are your comments/concerns?

How do you think we can specificly address them?

Are the Lab Assistants helpful, friendly and knowledgable? If not,
please give times and dates where the Lab Assistants have not been.

Any suggestions for new equipment and types of software we could
install online?

(Optional) Name:                                 Date:

(Please mail something of this format to root (type "mail root" then
type your message). If you prefer to submit these comments anonymously,
print out this file (type "helpme -text req-comments | np -qdm2" to
do it), fill it out, and leave it in the black "slot" on the door of
room 619.)