Date of last revision: 7/13/1999

Quantify records the time spent in the functions of a program by inserting counting instructions at function and basic-block entry points. Quantify records data for all functions called by the program, even if they occur in shared libraries or third-party libraries, with or without source code.

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Quantify is available only on HP Unix Workstations.



Quantify uses standard setup scripts. You must type

setup pure

to use this application. If you want to run this version of the software even if other versions are available, use pure-4.2 instead of pure in your setup statement.

See "helpme setup" for information on finding out what versions are available or what to do if the setup statement does not work.


Note:   Quantify is only available for C and C++ applications.

For C++ programs, type:
quantify CC -Wl,-Bimmediate < filename.cpp >

For C programs, type:
quantify cc -Wl,-Bimmediate < filename.c >

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