The SCUDC Printing System

All printing in the Design Center is routed through the Unix lp print system. Printing devices are physically attached to a few Unix machines, and all other systems (including PCs) pass data to be printed to those machines.

Concepts and Terminology

When you give a print command, this submits a print request to the system. The print request contains the data to be printed and information identifying its origin--your username, which machine you're using, the time of your request, etc.

Print requests are submitted to a print queue. The request is transmitted to the appropriate system and stored there until it can be printed. This usually happens immediately, but may be longer if there are previous requests that have not finished printing yet.

Finally, the request is printed on a print device such as a laser printer or inkjet plotter. On the more popular print devices a header page will with the information identifying the print requests origin will also be printed so that you can easily find your own printout.

More than one print device may be associated with a single print queue. This speeds up printing because print requests will be printed on the first available device.

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