Date of last revision: 05/31/2002


Following is a table of available machines at Design Center:

Room # PCs Brand/Model Processor Type/Speed Note
Legend Intel Pentium 4/1.7 GHz Scanner Machine
Legend Intel Pentium 4/1.7 GHz LCD Monitor
HP/Kayak XU 800 Intel Pentium III/733 MHz 1 for back instructor
Dell/OptiPlex GX150 Intel Pentium III/933 MHz Front Instructor

These machines run the Windows 2000 operating system. All users should have individual accounts. Note that even though the account names for both UNIX and PC are the same for each individual, the password may be different (however, the initial passwords are the same).

Softwares on PC

Software Description Location Note
AutoCAD200i   All PCs Civil, Mechanical
IronCAD4.0   All PCs Civil, Mechanical
RamManager   All PCs Civil
InsightV20   All PCs Mechanical
MATLAB 6.1   All PCs Mechanical, Electrical, Computer
System View by ELANIX   All PCs Electrical
Xilinx Foundation Series 3.1i   All PCs Electrical, Computer
Forte for Java CE   All PCs Computer
Java 2 Runtime Environment   All PCs Computer

Java 2 SDK Standard Edition

  All PCs Computer
Java Web Start   All PCs Computer
Kawa IDE Pro   All PCs Computer
Hugs98   All PCs Computer
Rhapsody 4.0   All PCs Computer
Emacs   All PCs Computer
Microsort Developers Network   All PCs Computer
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0   All PCs Computer
Microsoft Office   All PCs All users
Microsoft Visio   All PCs All users
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4   Rm 618 All users
Photoshop 6.0   Rm 608 (scanner) All users


Please note that helpme information is still missing for most applications. Helpme should be updated by the beginning of Fall 2002.

Design Center users are not allowed to change the system configuration on these machines. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the lab.

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