Date of last revision: 09/21/2007

MySQL4 help index:


MySQL4 can be used on Linux and Solaris machines in Engineering Design Center.


Account Creation
To use MySQL, you must first have a MySQL account created for you. This account is separate from your normal DC account. To request one, please e-mail
Your account username will be identical to your DC username, but the password may be different.

Database Name
Your database name will be in the format:

If, for example, your username were "testuser", your database would be named:
Database Server
The database server runs on a single system. It's hostname is:


To setup MySQL in your environment, type: Execution
Run MySQL by executing: This will prompt you for your MySQL password. (note: this might be different from your DC account password)
Once authenticated, you will be left at the mysql> prompt.


Changing your password
To change your MySQL password, at the mysql> prompt run:


Thorough MySQL documentation can be found at

A tutorial on connecting to MySQL through PHP is available here.