Minimos 6.1

Date of last revision: 08/24/2000

Minimos is a software tool for the numerical simulation of semiconductor field-effect transistors.

Minimos 6.1 help index:


Running Minimos 6.1

usage: minimos [options] file
         -s            ... output to screen
         -o            ... output to file (ext .ref, default)
         -d            ... debug
         -noref        ... no reference file is created
         -nonpl        ... use nonplanar version only
         -dop file     ... doping file (with extension)
         -rul file     ... stackfile (with path and extension)
         -exepl file   ... planar 2-D executlable
         -exenp2 file  ... nonplanar 2-D executlable
         -exenp3 file  ... nonplanar 3-D executlable
         file          ... name of the input file with optional path
                           and optional extension .inp
                           a specified path overwrites MINIMOS_INPDIR

Commandline options are not case sensitive

path resolution:  (1) filename with absolute or relative path
                      given on the command line
                  (2) environment settings (see below)
                  (3) current working directory

MACH           machine name (e.g. dec | hp)
MINIMOS_EXEDIR (optional) directory for executable
               (default full command search path)
MINIMOS_INPDIR (optional) directory for input files
               (default current working directory)
MINIMOS_OUTDIR (optional) directory for output files
               (default same as input directory)


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