RUNNING martie version 2.0

Date of last revision: 10/4/1994

MARTIE - MAthematics Review and Tutor In Engineering - with Tutorials in Complex Numbers, Fourier Series, Differential Equations, and Probability

This tutorial system reviews some of the basic concepts from the subjects indicated above. In this interactive tutorial the student can change parameters and view the results in a graphic display. Many topics also include short animations.


No preparation is required. The tutorial is very easy to run and all instructions appear on the screen.




A large screen with six subject buttons will appear. The currently active subjects are Complex Numbers, Probability, Differential Equations, Differential Equation Applications, and Fourier Series.

Select a subject area by clicking on the appropriate icon as indicated on the screen. After a subject area is selected a new screen will appear with a topic list for that subject. Select a topic from that list. A display for that topic will appear in the large window with parameter selection options below the main display. A brief summary of instructions for the topic will appear in the README box on the lower right.

Additional information about the topic area and the use of the tutorial display can be obtained by clicking the button for Information in the lower right corner of the screen. A narrow column of text will appear in a scrollable window to the right of the display. Next to the Information button is an Examples button. This creates a narrow column of text which specifies parameter values for the user and describes the significance of the resulting display. The user can set the requested parameters and then explore further variation.

At any time a new topic for this subject area may be started by clicking the new topic name from the list. In addition a second list is provided with names of related topics from other subject areas. These topics can be selected without returning to the main menu and selecting a new subject area.


This is an interactive on-line tutorial and is not intended to create printed or plotted output on paper.


The Information and Examples are currently being revised and may not be available for some topics. They will be added to the system soon.

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