Date of last revision: 10/11/2000

This Helpme file contains information about changes made over the last few months which may require changing the way you do things in the Design Center. You should look at this file anytime you have not logged into your SCUDC account for several weeks to see if you have missed anything.

Text Printer Retired (10/11/2000)

The text printer has been taken out of active service. The print queue has been redirected to laser and print quotas have been adjusted to compensate for this change.

Domain Changes (Summer 2000)

The domain for our hosts has been changed to

E-mail addresses are now for students, and in the departmental domain for faculty/staff.

Programs compiled on new workstations will not run on old systems (11/26/1997)

Our newest HP Unix workstations feature the new PA-8000 processor. This processor is much faster than that on the older workstations, but by default programs compiled on the new workstations will not run on the old workstations. The compiler will usually print a warning message if your are on one of the newer workstations, or you can use the command /usr/local/sbin/ecss-sysident -arch-detail command to check what machine you are on: If it's PA2.0 or higher, you are on a newer workstation; anything lower is an old workstation. You can use the compiler flag +DA1.1 to produce programs that will run on the older workstations.

7/27/2000 Upddate: At this time, almost all of our workstations have PA-8000 or higher processors, but there are still a small handful of older workstations around.

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