Date of last revision: 09/11/2006

Apache-1.3.37 help index:


Apache-1.3.37 currently runs on Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX servers

Linux student homepage is http://linux.students.engr.scu.edu

Solaris student homepage is:  http://sol.students.engr.scu.edu

HP-UX student homepage is:  http://hpux.students.engr.scu.edu


The following additional modules have been installed on all systems unless noted otherwise:

mmap_static_module info_module alias_module headers_module
vhost_alias_module autoindex_module rewrite_module usertrack_module
env_module dir_module access_module example_module
define_module cgi_module auth_module unique_id_module
mime_magic_module asis_module digest_module setenvif_module
mime_module imap_module proxy_module ssl_module
negotiation_module speling_module cern_meta_module jserv_module
status_module userdir_module expires_module


*** The following modules are also available for linux: ***


config_log_module agent_log_module referer_log_module includes_module
action_module anon_auth_module dbm_auth_module db_auth_module



Detailed documentation on Apache can be found at the site: